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filmVideo Montecatini Cinema Int. Short Film Festival

İtalya'nın Milano kentinde bu sene 62. si yapılacak olan filmVideo Festivali bu seneki başvurularını açtı. Festivale katılımla ilgili detaylı bilgi aşağıda. 

Son Başvuru Tarihi : 15 Mart 2011
İnternet Sayfası için tıkla
Başvuru Formu için tıkla

RULES 2011
The competition attendance is open to all works made after January 1, 2009.

The works must pertain to one of the Festival sections, to be indicated in the Entry Form.

The selection of the works will be performed of the Artistic Director and his collaborators.
Also short films that have already been screened at other Italian or International Festivals will be allowedto take part in this competition and compete for the awards.

FilmVideo 2011 foresees the following competitive sections:

International Competition
An International Jury formed by Italian and International filmmakers – after having perused the works submitted to the International Competition – will grant, effective a no-draw condition, the following awards:

Best Short Film in Competition Award (Golden Heron Award and €1,500)
Lions Award (Silver Heron Award and €800) – Jury’s Special Award
“Giovanni Icardi” Award (and €500) – Best First Work
“Giuliano Birindelli” Award – Best Fiction
“Gianpaolo Bernagozzi”Award – Best Documentary
“Adriano Asti” Award – Best Experimental Work
“Pinocchio Collodi Foundation” Award – Best Animantion Work
“Fabrizio De André” Award – Best Videoclip
“Memoria d’Acqua” Cup – Best Actor
“Memoria d’Acqua” Cup – Best Actress
“Fedic Prize” for the best Short Film entered by authors belonging to Fedic (Italian
Film Club Association)
Two “Federazione Italiana Cineclub” Medals
Furthermore, the Jury will also be able to award a maximum of four special mentions.

The works selected by the Artistic Direction will be judged by a special Jury who will also award the
2. Presidency of the Republic Prize
A Youth Jury will award a prize to the best film concerning social/environmental/cultural subjects.

FilmVideo 62 supports the “Golden Fedic”

A special Jury will award a “Fedic Prize” to the best short film entered in competition by film-makers belonging to FEDIC (the name of the Film Club to which authors belong must be shown on the entry form).

The winner in this category will automatically enter the National FEDIC Competition which will award the 2011 “Golden Fedic” to the best “short”.

- Works made after Januanry 1, 2009
- The required selection format is DVD (PAL, BLU-Ray,NTSC)
- The required Festival screening format is DVD PAL
- Each piece of work must not be longer than 40 minutes
- Works having dialogues or texts in languages other than English must be
- The Entry Form must be filled out in its entirety and duly signed for acceptance by the

The Author or Authors will have to specify whether the submitted short film is a First Work or not, meaning by this definition any first short film or video pertaining to any of the Competition Sections and made by the Author or Authors submitting it.

The Author or Authors are fully responsible for their filmwork contents, images and music.
The submitted short film is a “First Work”, meaning his/her/their first short film or video (no connection with the festival sections)

The works will have to be submitted by, March 15 2011 (the postage stamp date will be considered as a valid reference), in DVD format, together with the completed, duly filled out and signed Entry Form. Entries that don’t respect these requirements will not be accepted and the corresponding works will be rejected.

Entry forms must be sent to the following address:
FilmVideo 2011
Direzione Artistica
c/o Alessandra Montesanto
Via Cambiasi 5
20131 MILANO

Only deliveries that are already postage-paid will be accepted.

By May 30 2011 the Authors will receive a confirmation of admission to the Competition. If no communication is received by that date, it means that the work has not been accepted.
Within 7 days of the acceptance communication, the Authors are required to confirm their attendance.

An email must be sent which includes, along with the attendance confirmation:
  • two o more screen shots taken from the submitted work footage in JPEG format
  • the English dialogue list 

If these requirements are not met, the works will not be accepted for the Competition.
The DVD (PAL) format copies of the selected works (in case the Authors do not want the first delivered copy be considered the valid one) must reach the following address by, June 25 2011:
FilmVideo 2011
Direzione Artistica
c/o Alessandra Montesanto
Via Cambiasi 5
20131 MILANO

All DVDs submitted for competition will not be returned and will become part of the artistical heritageof the Festival’s Film Archives. The Festival Organizing Committee will not use the works for commercial purposes.

The Author or Authors authorize the use of a portion of their works (for a maximum of 90 seconds) under trailer form, to promotional, cultural and educational purposes only through audiovisual and multimedia means, for all initiatives linked to FilmVideo 2011, even after the closing of the Festival. However, the Authors can request their works’ removal from the online viewing after the closing of the Festival.

The directors or producers of the works attending FilmVideo 2011 will be hosted by the Festival’s organization (one person for each short film) according to the following rules:

1 day (room, lunch and dinner) if coming from Italy
2 days if coming from an European country
3 days if coming from a non-European country
Travelling costs are not included

Possible modifications or integrations to the present Rules document are allowed, for organizational purposes, without any prior notice.

Participation in the Contest implies the Author or Authors’ complete acceptance of the Rules document, and the authorization for the possibility of partial use of their work through audiovisual or multimedia means, even after the closing of the FilmVideo 2011 Festival.

Any possible disputes or cases not covered by these regulations will be submitted to the President of the Organization Committee and to the Artistic Director of FilmVideo 2011.

For updates and further info:

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