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6. International Short Film Festival Detmold

Son Katılım Tarihi : 28 Şubat 2010
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This year, we are going to present a lot of short films from all over the world between the 10th and 13th of June in the "Kulturfabrik Hangar 21".
We are happy to welcome a lot of international film producers, artists in Detmold. This program will be accompanied by a whole number of installations and concerts.
Why do we love short films?
The variety of ideas in short filming is steadily growing. Technical innovations are being used and tested faster than anywhere else but also abandoned quickly if they don't prove to be aesthetically and economically useful. Short films react immediately to current social developments and issues. They can be political or revolutionary because they are independent - which means they don't have to follow the mainstream. Short films are always up-to-date and cause a lot of surprises.
The festival wants to offer cultural exchange, enabling all participants to deepen their experience of life. Film as a form of art has the power to create a tolerant world - even if initially on screen only: it's a first class medium for transporting unusual perspectives of our view of the world and our actions. Our goal with the Culture & Art Initiative is to establish the art of short filming in the region OWL - Lippe. Therefore, we will organize and hold the fifth annual International Short Film Festival Detmold.

  • Max. 15 min.

  • Film copie MiniDV PAL

  • Entryform (online + per ordinary mail)

  • Bio-/filmography

  • Photograph of the director

  • please send one signed and filled out entryform + all requested materials to the following adress

    ISFFDETMOLD 2010 Charles-Lindbergh-Ring 10 D-32756 Detmold

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