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Munich International Short Film Festival (Almanya)

Son Katılım Tarihi : 28 Şubat 2010
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Submissions for the MUNICH INTERNATIONAL short film festival 2010 are now open. Our submission requirements are:

  1. MUNICH INTERNATIONAL short film festival 2010 will take place from June 17 through 23, 2010 at the historial Gloria Filmpalast right in the heart of the Bavarian capitol of Munich, Germany.
  2. Deadline for submissions to our International Competition is February 28, 2010. We kindly ask you not to wait until the deadline but rather send your film in as soon as possible. All entries that arrive after the deadline are considered entries for the next year’s edition of the competition.
  3. Films must not exceed a length of 15 minutes. The Selection Committee can allow exceptions to this rule.
  4. The festival only screens 35mm prints and progressive HD data files. The Selection Committee can allow exceptions to this rule.
  5. Films must not have been shown in Bavaria in a festival, a theatre, on television or on the internet before. No exceptions will be made.
  6. Films must not have German dialogues. No exceptions will be made either. As the festival language is English, all films must have either no dialogue, English dialogue or English subtitles.
  7. Submissions are only accepted online via reelport, your preview copies have to be sent (if you don’t upload them on the reelport website) directly to reelport GmbH, Sechzigstrasse 129, 50733 Cologne, Germany. Please do not send any preview copies directly to the festival – they will not be considered.
  8. Confirmation of a receipt of submission cannot be provided. Please don't contact us asking for those.
  9. All filmmakers will be notified of acceptance via email as soon as selections are made.
  10. Address for dispatch of 35mm screening prints can be found at our Contact site.
  11. All screening prints invited to the festival must arrive in Munich no later than May 31, 2010. Really.
  12. It is recommended that the sender has documents of re-importation (required for the customs authorities) issued before the films or videos are shipped. Shipments from non-EU member states must be clearly labelled “For cultural purposes only. No commercial value. Temporary import.” Those dispatches must also be accompanied by a pro forma invoice amounting to a maximum of 20 € including postage (under no circumstances should the amount of the actual production costs be given, even if they were higher). Costs arising from wrong declarations will be charged to the account of the sender.
  13. Forwarding expenses to Munich are to be paid by the sender. Expenses for return shipment of 35mm screening prints are paid by the Festival. DVDs, Preview copies etc. will not be returned.
  14. Attendance of participants at the festival is not mandatory, but we would be happy to welcome you at MUNICH INTERNATIONAL and will offer free accomodation, accreditation and participation in the Master class to all filmmakers with a film showing.
  15. Please do not contact the festival asking "Can we do this or that?". Everything which is not forbidden is allowed.

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