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7th European Animated Film Festival BALKANIMA 2010

Son Başvuru Tarihi : 10 Ağustos 2010
Başvuru Formu için tıkla


1.1             Festival BALKANIMA, initiated by Serbian ASIFA members, established in 2004 in organization of Cultural Centre Studentski grad, under the auspices of Serbian Ministry for Culture and Media and Municipal Secretariat for Culture, Belgrade.

1.2             The main goal of the festival is to promote the art of animation of South-Eastern European countries and to enable the younger generations of today to create conditions that will enable them to fit into the world trends of animated films by means of conquering new technologies.

1.3             Festival BALKANIMA 2010 is going to be held in the period of October 5th to 9th 2010.

1.4             Festival comprises two competition programmes:
a)     Competition of authors films competing in one of 5 categories and
b)     Students Competition – film schools and single student authors.

Non-competitive programmes includes panorama screenings, portraits of animation masters, retrospectives of national and international cinematographies, presenting new styles and technologies, special programmes:”Best Of”, ”Bridges”, etc.

1.5             Festival also includes a special programme which presents the winner of The Special Award granted to the artist whose work has a significant contribution to the art of animation in the region of South-Eastern Europe.


2.1             Only animated films / works of European production not longer than 30 minutes will be accepted (using classical »frame by frame« or computer animation tecniqiues or combining live action and animation...).

2.2             Works completed after the AUGUST 1st 2008 will be considered eligible.

2.3             Works coming from Non European Countries cannot be accepted for competition, but can be screened at the festival if choosed by The Pre Selection Committee.

2.4             One author can submit more than one film according to festival rules.

2.5             There is no entry fee.


3.1             The participants can apply in one of two competition programmes:
A)     Competition of authors films
B)     Student Competition.

The Authors Competition Program is divided into following categories:
-         Up to 5 minutes,
-         More than 5 minutes up to 30 minutes,
-         Experimental films,
-         Commercials – music videos
-         Films for children.

Student Competition Programme has two categories:
        Best Student Film
        Best Program Of Film Schools.

*Participants must clearly state in the Entry Form in which category they apply.

3.2     For Pre-Selection films can be sent in DVD format (PAL).

3.3     The ENTRY FORM – downloaded from the festival website 
 fill as accurately as possible in print letters and sign.

3.4     The Entry Form must be sent together with:
          - copy of the film for Pre-Selection,
          - two or more stills from the film,
          - film synopsis (no more than 500 characters)
          - photo of the author,
          - brief biography of the author and filmography.

* send it also to e-mail

3.5     The Entry Form and enclosed materials send by post to the following address:

          Dom kulture Studentski grad
          Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 179
          11070 Novi Beograd
          before August 10th 2010 (date of postmark).

                *On the package should be written NON COMMERCIAL VALUE FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY.

3.6             Copies sent for selection and competition are not to be returned. It stays in Festival archive.

3.7             Films selected for competition will be accepted in a following formats:

-         DVD
-         Beta SP
-         DV cam
-         35 mm
3.8     Copies of films choosed for screenings must be sent before September 20th 2010.


4.1             The Pre-Selection Committee and the Jury of BALKANIMA 2010 is constituted by people involved in animation such as filmmakers, critics, journalists, educators etc.

4.2             The Pre-Selection Committee consists of three members from Serbia and the Artistic Director of the Festival.

4.3             The Pre-Selection Committee is allowed to alter the category of a film.

4.4             The Official International Jury for the Professionals’ Competition consists of three members: one from Serbia and two from other European countries.

4.5             The Jury for the Student Competition consists of: beside artistic director, one professor and three students of Faculties of Arts all from Serbia.

4.6             The Participants will be informed about the results of Pre-Selection before September 5th 2010.


5.1             THE SPECIAL MENTION which Festival council grants to the author whose work has a significant contribution to development of animation in the region of Balkans and South Eastern Europe. The Award consists of trophy and golden diploma.

5.2             The Official Festival Awards are granted by International Jury. All the awards must be granted.

5.3             Awards granted by The International Jury for Competition of professional / authors films

          1. GRAND PRIX for The Best Film on the festival – trophy, certificate and money prize.
          2. PRIZE for The Best Film from South-Eastern Europe – trophy, certificate and money amount.
          3. 5 Special Mentions for a film in each category

5.4             The Student Competition Jury grants:
            1. PRIZE for The Best Film School – trophy and certificate.
            2. PRIZE for The Best Student Film – certificate and money amount.
5.5             Both – Professionals and Students, compete for the GRAND PRIX award.

5.6             The International Jury is free to award 4 special diplomas by their own choice for the quality of the film in the field of animation, background, music, graphic style, script, characters in the film, for specific genre (mythology, ecology, social problems, fantasy, erotic, etc).

5.7     Film Institutions, Organizations and Academies are also free to grant their own prizes. They must announce the constitution of the Jury, also purpose and form of the prize.

5.8     The Audience Award will also be granted.


6.1     All films needs to have English subtitles, except if spoken language of film is not English.


7.1             The participation (sending films for Pre-Selection and signing the Entry Form) in BALKANIMA implies unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in these Regulations.

7.2             Films once applied for the festival cannot be withdrawn.

7.3             Festival confirms that all authors’ rights, clearly indicated in the Entry Form, will be guaranteed. 

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